If you received an error while making a request, visit E-Commerce Scraper API documentation. Click on the source you are scraping (if you cannot see your source, contact your account manager), and locate its “Response codes'' section on the left hand-side menu. This section contains and explains all the error codes. You can also find them listed below.

API response codes

400 Multiple error messages - Wrong request structure. It could be a misspelled parameter or an invalid value. The response body will have a more specific error message.

401 'Authorization header not provided' / 'Invalid authorization header' / 'Client not found' - There is a missing authorization header, or your login credentials are incorrect.

403 Forbidden - Your account does not have access to this resource.

404 Not Found - The job ID you are looking for is no longer available.

422 Unprocessable Entity - There is something wrong with the payload you posted to us. Make sure it's a valid JSON object.

429 Too many requests - You exceeded the rate limit. Please get in touch with your account manager to increase your limits.

500 Internal Server Error - We're experiencing some issues on our side. Please try again a bit later. We're probably aware of the issues, but you can give us a shout and report it anyway.

524 Timeout - Service unavailable.

612 Undefined Internal Error - Something went wrong and we failed the job you submitted. You can try again at no extra cost, as we don't charge you for faulted jobs. If that doesn't work, give us a shout.

613 Faulted After Too Many Retries - Something went wrong, and we failed the job you submitted. You can try again at no extra cost, as we don't charge you for faulted jobs. If that doesn't work, please get in touch with us.

Parsed data status codes

12002 Failure - We couldn't parse the page entirely. There may be an issue with the target website changing its HTML structure.

12003 Not Supported - The web page you asked us to parse is not supported.

12006 Failure - Unexpected error. Let us know you got this response, and we'll check what went wrong.

12007 Unknown - Unknown parsed data status. The actual result can range from a complete failure to a total success.

12008 Failure - Parsed content is missing.

12009 Failure - Product not found. Check the URL you submitted.

Cloud storage upload response codes

10001 Unexpected Exception - Something wrong happened. We probably know about this already and are fixing it. Let us know anyway.

13001 Upload Failed - We could not upload job results to your bucket.

13102 No Such Path - We could not find a bucket with such a name. Please double-check.

13103 Access Denied - Bucket doesn't have the required permissions.

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