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What are the main features of SERP Scraper API?
What are the main features of SERP Scraper API?
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The key features of SERP Scraper API are as follows:

  • Main data points collection from the leading SERPs. You can extract featured snippets, organic and paid results, job listing ads, and other data points from such search engine pages as images, ads, news, and others.

  • Coordinate-level targeting. You can gather data from multiple sources on a country, city, or coordinate level in 195 countries.

  • Patented Proxy Rotator. With this patented solution, you can perform human-like scraping and easily pass by website anti-scraping measures.

  • Structured data. SERPScraper API delivers data in the ready-to-use JSON format.

  • Custom storage space. You can store the scraped data in Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, or another storage type of your choice.

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