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What are the main technical features of Mobile Proxies?
What are the main technical features of Mobile Proxies?
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The main technical features of Mobile Proxies are listed below:

  • Country and ASN targeting. Mobile Proxies by Oxylabs cover a wide range of locations worldwide, with 20M+ mobile IP addresses available. Country and ASN targeting comes with no additional fees.

  • Automatic mobile IP rotation. With this feature, you can access the required public data from different real mobile IP addresses and avoid CAPTCHAs and IP blocks more efficiently.

  • Sticky sessions. By default, our Mobile Proxies rotate with each request you make. However, you can keep the same proxy IP address for up to 30 minutes for consequent requests. Check out our documentation to learn more about sticky sessions.

  • Different supported protocols. Connect your proxy through HTTP, a fully encrypted HTTPS protocol for an extra layer of security, or the blazingly fast SOCKS5 protocol.

  • Multiple network standards. Our Mobile Proxy pool includes proxies with 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile network standards.

  • Easy integration. To integrate our Mobile Proxies, you need to use a single endpoint that automatically assigns pre-tested Mobile Proxies to your connection. There’s no need to import proxy lists. You can check our detailed documentation for more information.
    If you’re looking to easily integrate Mobile Proxies with 3rd party software, see the integrations section in our documentation for guides on setting up tools like AdsPower, Multilogin, and many more.

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