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What are the main features of Web Unblocker?
What are the main features of Web Unblocker?
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Some features that make Web Unblocker a powerful solution for extracting public data from the most complex websites are the following:

  • ML-driven proxy management – selects and rotates proxies, evaluates which proxy pools work the best on a specific site, and gives you the highest success rate and the lowest response time possible;

  • Dynamic browser fingerprinting – selects the right combination of headers, cookies, browser attributes and proxies to appear as an organic user bypassing all target website blocks;

  • ML-powered response recognition – creates an effective feedback loop between the scraping results and the experimentation engine to determine the outcome quality;

  • Auto-retry functionality – in cases when your scraping request fails, our system chooses another combination of client device parameters and sends the request again.

  • JavaScript rendering – with Web Unblocker, JavaScript rendering is executed on our side, allowing you to get complete and reliable data from JavaScript-heavy websites effortlessly.

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