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What are the most common web crawling challenges?
What are the most common web crawling challenges?
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Some of the most common challenges that businesses can encounter while performing web crawling operations include:

  • Lack of resources. In order to get access to the desired data, companies need to develop a certain infrastructure, write code, and allocate enough time and human resources (e.g., developers, system administrators).

  • Anti-bot systems. Most websites utilize specific anti-scraping features to avoid being crawled and scraped. Many web crawling tools available on the market are not efficient enough to deal with anti-scraping measures. In turn, individuals and businesses quickly get blocked when trying to gather data at scale.

  • Poor data quality. If you gather data from thousands of websites every day, it becomes harder and harder to manually check its quality. As a result, incomplete or unreliable information can end up in your data sets.

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