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Where can I find my scraping job ID?
Where can I find my scraping job ID?
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Job ID placement varies based on the integration method used: synchronous (Realtime and Proxy endpoint) or asynchronous (Push-Pull).

Tips for easily finding your scraping job ID:

  • Check the end of the output; the job ID is typically located there (for Realtime and Push-Pull);

  • Examine the response headers x-oxylabs-job-id; you will find the job ID there (for Realtime and Proxy endpoint);

  • Identify the key: job_id for synchronous integration methods or id for asynchronous;

  • Use the find function in the code, searching by the key name to locate the job ID quickly.

Note: Please ensure the job was completed within the last 48 hours for us to find it in our system and provide assistance.

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