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How to start using Shared Datacenter Proxies
How to start using Shared Datacenter Proxies
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Create a proxy user

Begin by creating an account on the Oxylabs dashboard. Once you make a purchase, you’ll be able to create a proxy user.

Make a cURL request

After creating the proxy user, you’ll see a cURL sample code that you can copy:

curl -x -U "customer-USERNAME:PASSWORD"

Replace the USERNAME and PASSWORD with the proxy user credentials you’ve just created, then paste the code into your terminal or any other setup, and press Enter to send a request using a random shared datacenter IP address.

See this visual guide for a quick reference:

Location and session parameters

If you want to connect to a proxy server located in a specific country, you have to use a country-specific entry node. For instance, to connect to a US-based proxy, you must use for the address and 30000 for the port.
Follow this link to find all country-specific entries.

When you need to use a particular IP address for extended sessions, you must pass the session parameters together with your credentials.
See examples and more information on this Session Control page.


Third-party applications, like proxy managers, are the simplest way to start using Shared Datacenter Proxies. See the integrations page in our documentation, where you’ll find configuration tutorials for the most popular applications.

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