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Getting started: Scraper APIs
Getting started: Scraper APIs
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To get started with Scraper APIs, simply create an account via Oxylabs dashboard.

Choose a plan that fits your needs best - a free trial (no payment information required), or a cost-saving subscription.

You’ll be directed to a screen asking you to create an API User.

Once you choose a username and password - a test query will appear for you to test out via Postman (or any other setup you’re using).

Here’s a quick video walk-through:

🧠 Our dashboard has all the setup information you'll need, from Quick Start Guides, to extensive developer-focused documentation:

🙌 Need assistance? Contact support via live chat or send a message to [email protected].

🎯 Want a custom solution or a free trial? Contact sales by booking a call. For any questions, such as custom pricing, advice, or a free trial, drop us a line at [email protected].

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