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Scraper APIs 101: Navigating the dashboard
Scraper APIs 101: Navigating the dashboard
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Oxylabs dashboard has plenty to offer: you can view your usage statistics, set usage limits, manage subscription plans, and much more. Take a look at the steps below to understand how to carry out specific actions in the dashboard.

See usage statistics

You can find your API usage statistics by going to My Products, then selecting your acquired API, and viewing the Statistics tab:

Set usage limits

You can create API usage limits for specific users by navigating to Usage limitsCreate rule. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to select the product, choose the API user, select the period (Daily, Monthly, or Lifetime), and enter the maximum number of requests:

Check out this visual overview of how you can set usage limits.
The process is identical for both proxies and Scraper APIs:

Add more results

You can quickly top-up your Scraper API traffic (number of requests) in the dashboard by selecting the Overview tab, choosing your acquired API, and clicking Add more results:

After that, you’ll see a pop-up window where you can purchase additional results for the current billing period:

🎯 Please note that the number of results you can add depends on your acquired subscription plan.

See the maximum number of requests you can top-up for each plan:


25K requests


50K requests


150K requests


500K requests


3M requests



Change API user password

In case you want to change the password of your API user, you can do so by selecting your purchased API from the dropdown menu, navigating to Users, and then clicking the edit icon:

A pop-up window will show up, allowing you to change the current password:

Once you confirm the password change, your API user will require a new password for authentication.

Manage your subscription

Change plan

You can change your subscription plan at any time. Select My account from the menu at the bottom or click the Manage subscriptions button at the top-right corner and navigate to Change plan:

Update payment details

If you intend to change your payment method, go to Manage subscription on your account page as shown below:

You’ll be redirected to a new page where you can change your payment option by clicking the edit button:

Cancel subscription

If you want to cancel your subscription, go to Manage subscription on your account page as shown previously and click Cancel plan:

Test Scraper APIs in the API Playground

Oxylabs dashboard also has Scraper APIs Playground, where you can test out the functionality of our SERP Scraper API, E-Commerce Scraper API, and Web Scraper API. It’s accessible through the dashboard menu:

The process of testing out our Scraper APIs is easy:

  1. First, enter a search query or the target URL (depending on your selected source). You can submit a request without customization.

  2. If needed, Scraper APIs playground allows you to test getting more specific public data by letting you customize your request. Depending on the target, you can choose a user agent type, parsing, JavaScript rendering, localization (geographic location and interface language), result limits, filtering, session ID options, and more.

  3. When you're done customizing your request, submit it, and you'll see the results on the right. If needed, you can export the request/response code in HTML or JSON and the language of your choice. By adding your credentials to the request code, you can use it for further scraping operations.

🙌 Need assistance? Contact support via live chat or send a message to [email protected].

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