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Location settings for Proxies
Location settings for Proxies
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Geo-location settings allow you to connect to a proxy server based in a particular geographic location. As a result, you’ll be able to bypass geo-restrictions and see content as real users would from the specified location.

🎯 All Oxylabs solutions offer free-of-charge location targeting.

Residential Proxies

Our Residential Proxies cover 195 countries, enabling you to make requests using several geo-location settings:

🌎 Visit the respective documentation pages to learn more about each parameter. If you only want to connect to a specific country and receive random IPs, refer to the Country Specific Entry Nodes page.

Mobile Proxies

The Mobile Proxy network covers more than 140 countries and offers different geo-targeting settings:

🌎 See the linked documentation pages to find out more. In case you want to connect to random IPs in specific countries, you can also use Country Specific Entry Nodes.

Shared Datacenter Proxies

Our Shared Datacenter Proxies come from 15 different countries with the option to target locations on a country level. Head to our documentation to see the complete list of available countries and their entry points.

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies


When you want to connect to a specific geo-location using Enterprise Dedicated Datacenter Proxies, all you have to do is send a request using the IP assigned to your desired location.

We can provide proxy IPs located in particular countries, cities, or states. If you need city and state-level precision, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Support to receive IPs from the exact locations.


Self-Service Dedicated Datacenter Proxies offer country-level targeting in 7 most popular locations and work in a similar manner as Enterprise, meaning you don’t have to pass any geo-location parameters. Simply make a request using the port that’s associated with the proxy IP based in your desired location.

If you’re using proxy rotation, then you must add the country- parameter, so that IPs would be picked from the specified country’s list. Visit our documentation to learn more.

Rotating ISP Proxies

Rotating ISP Proxies are scattered around more than 20 countries, offering the following geo-targeting options:

🌎 Head to our documentation to find out more about these settings. For a more simplified approach to geo-targeting on a country level, you can use Country Specific Entry Nodes.

Web Unblocker

Web Unblocker uses a network of 102M+ proxies and provides different geo-targeting techniques depending on the visited website. All targets can be accessed on a country level, while Amazon and Google domains offer more choices:



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