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How to use session control
How to use session control
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Session control allows you to use a particular proxy IP address for an extended time with multiple requests. You can control your proxy sessions by adding a sessid- parameter to your user authentication string, followed by an alphanumeric string of your choice.

For instance, a complete authentication string would look something like this:


We’ve outlined the steps extensively in our documentation. Hence, you can find the links for your acquired Oxylabs product in the list below:

Residential Proxies

Mobile Proxies

Shared Datacenter Proxies

Rotating ISP Proxies

Web Unblocker

In the case of Web Unblocker, the session ID parameter has to be passed as a header, for example, "X-Oxylabs-Session-Id": "123randomString".
Visit our documentation to learn more and see code samples.

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