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What are Oxylabs pricing plans' limitations?
What are Oxylabs pricing plans' limitations?
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If you reach a limit on your plan and want to increase it, contact your Account Manager for more information. You can increase:

If you’re using self-service plans, you can top them up on your dashboard here.

We also have a Pay-as-you-go option for our Residential and Mobile Proxies:

Residential Proxies

  • Price – $8/GB;

  • Minimum top-up amount – 1 GB;

  • Maximum top-up amount per month – 50GB;

  • Non-refundable

Click here to learn more about the Pay-as-you-go purchasing option for Residential Proxies.

Mobile Proxies

  • Price – $30/GB;

  • Maximum top-up amount per month – 30 GB;

  • Non-refundable

Follow this link to find out more about the Pay-as-you-go plan for Mobile Proxies.

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